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I am an illustrator and sequential artist based on the Northumberland coast. My art primarily explores the beauty and terror of nature, folklore, the occult, female empowerment, and horror.

I find that sequential art tells stories in a vivid and diverse way that cannot be achieved with prose. It can be a difficult medium to master, but it can present some truly inventive and emotive art.

I’m passionate about mental health awareness; my own struggles with anxiety/depression find their way into my work. I started out creating art as an outlet for difficult emotions.

I feel a constant urge to create and I really believe that many of my personal pieces demanded to be made!

Much of my art is completed digitally via Clip Studio Paint and my trusty Wacom tablet, but I also create illustrations with markers, watercolours and mixed media. I like to challenge myself by trying new techniques.

I am a former Newbridge Project Collective Studio member and part of Paper Jam Comics Collective.

I also create dark electronic music under the name ‘Cellar Lights’.